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How do Kitsap wages stack up?


In a recent post I explored how Kitsap County workers make more than their counterparts across the country, but less than the average Washington worker.

Of course it’s not quite that simple.

Wages vary widely by profession and location, and a report released by the state last month lets us take a closer look at those dynamics.

The Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates report is compiled by the Employment Security Department based on surveys of employers. The wage estimates are used by businesses to help set wages and are useful for comparing pay in different areas.

I pulled the average hourly pay for 10 professions, ranging from taco assembly to software programming, for counties around Puget Sound.

You can see how wages compare by clicking through the graphic below. Wave your clicker over the colored bars to see average hourly pay.

If you’re interested in seeing a comparison of wages for a profession I didn’t list above just drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to pull the data.

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Kitsap wages are below state average, above national


Kitsap County workers earned nearly $1.50 less an hour than the average Washington worker in 2013.

blog.workersBut they were $1.26 better off than employees across the U.S.

The county also employed a disproportionately high number of marine architects and engineers.

Those were a few takeaways from fresh local wage data released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics last week. The detailed numbers, available for perusal online, estimate wages across all industries for May of 2013.

According to BLS, the average hourly wage in Kitsap was $23.59. The national average was $22.33. That’s a 6 percent difference.

The state average was $25.04, buoyed by the whopping $27.46 earned by Seattle/Tacoma/Everett workers.

Here’s a look at how Kitsap wages stacked up across the region (you can wave your clicker over any of these charts to see exact numbers):

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