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Private sector wages in Kitsap are in the middle of the pack

wintergreen1_26878523_ver1.0_640_480Kitsap County is in the middle of the pack in Washington when it comes to non-government wages.

The median hourly wage for the private sector in Kitsap was $18.03 an hour in 2014, according to a December report from the state Employment Security Department (these reports take about a year to be released).

Wages in Kitsap were far lower than in King County, where the median private sector wage soared to $26.89 in 2014.

Kitsap’s median wage was also lower than the median for the state ($21.48), which was skewed upward by King. And Kitsap’s median wage was still slightly lower than the state median with King County left out ($18.51).

Overall, Kitsap ranked 15th out of 39 Washington counties for private sector wages. The county’s median wage peaked in 2010, according to the report.

Here’s a graphical look at wage trends:

Kitsap ranked 10th in per capita income growth

personal.incomePer capita income grew faster in Kitsap last year than in most Washington counties.

Kitsap posted the 10th largest increase in per capita personal income from 2013 to 2014 among the state’s 39 counties, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Per capita by county, click to enlarge
Per capita income by county, click to enlarge

Per capita income grew 5.3 percent in Kitsap during that period, besting the state average of 4.5 percent. The county’s per capita income level reached $46,573 in 2014.

Kitsap ranked fourth for per capita income, behind King County ($68,877), San Juan County ($59,831) and Island County ($46,608).

Personal income is the total amount earned by residents from wages and other income sources, before taxes. Per capita income is calculated by dividing personal income by population.

The growth in per capita income for 2014 came on the heels of a statewide slowdown in 2013. Per capita income in 0.6 percent in Kitsap between 2012 and 2013, and 0.3 percent in Washington.

Below is a sortable chart of 2014 per capita personal income levels and growth rates by county:

Map illustrates affordable housing gap in Kitsap

housing.mapThere are 29 affordable housing units available for every 100 families living on extremely low incomes in Kitsap County.

That’s according to analysis by the nonprofit Urban Institute, which compiled a county-by-county map illustrating the nationwide affordable housing gap.

The institute’s breakdown of Kitsap shows 7,165 families in the county earn less than $22,700 annually, based on 2012 data. There are 2,065 affordable units in the county, 2,211 with HUD assistance. (Click the graphic above to expand.)

The map also shows the change in the affordable housing gap over time, with statistics from 2000 and 2006. According to the analysis, Kitsap gained affordable units between 2000 and 2006, while the number of extremely low income households remained steady.The the number of low income households swelled between 2006 and 2012 but the county lost affordable housing units over the same period.

The current 29 units to 100 households ratio for Kitsap happens to also be the national average. No county in the U.S. has as many affordable units as extremely low income households according to the institute.

The full map is embedded below, but it easier to navigate on the institute’s website.