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Advertising pot: No cute donkey logos, no free mini-doobies


Washington pot shops haven’t really needed to advertise yet. There’s so little recreational marijuana to go around that stores are struggling just to keep product in stock.

Crockpot18_7542038_ver1.0_640_480Eventually though, there will be enough supply, and enough stores open, that pot shop owners will need to promote themselves to stand out in the crowd. There’s been some confusion around the rules that dictate pot advertising, so the Liquor Control Board posted a handy FAQ yesterday to clear the air.

The FAQ covers all the basics, including websites, signage and promotions. Many restrictions on pot advertising are aimed at protecting children and upholding the 1,000-foot buffer around schools, parks and other community centers. Here are a few key points:

  • Advertising in print media (like newspapers!) is OK. Though printed publications are sometimes distributed to schools, but the LCB doesn’t intend to enforce the 1,000-foot buffer for newspaper advertising. Advertising on radio and TV stations is permitted but could conflict with federal regulation.
  • Retailers can’t sell marijuana for less than cost and they can’t give away free samples.
  • Retailers can advertise with decals on a vehicle or delivery truck, but that vehicle cannot enter any of the 1,000-foot buffer areas, which would make getting around town pretty tricky.

Questions for the FAQ were drawn from queries submitted by real I-502 entrepreneurs, and some clearly have big plans:

baby-donkey-with-mommyQ: I assume that I may choose a logo that is not directly related to marijuana, such as a donkey?

A: Yes, but be careful that the logo does not appeal to children.

(Note: Donkeys are adorable. What donkey won’t appeal to children?)

Q: I want to provide free “mini doobies” to concert goers. However, the MJ I’m giving is not mine. It is medical marijuana that is of the same strain as those I will sell in my recreational retail store. I’ve announced this on my I-502-licensed Facebook page and website. Is this ok?

A: Not ok. As a licensed business, you may not give away marijuana. You may only sell taxed and tested marijuana that you purchased from a processor.

Q: May you use wording implying just how fine your brand might be. Like, “County Gold, Washington’s Best,” or jingles?

A: Yes.

You can read the full FAQ here.

“Major” car maker shoots ad at Bremerton Marina

photo1Bremerton Marina will soon be the backdrop for a “major” car manufacturer’s international ad campaign.

A photo crew shot images at the marina Monday evening. The ads will roll out in about five to seven months, according to Port of Bremerton staff.

You’re free to speculate on the identity of the car manufacturer. Port employees were asked not to divulge the name of the company, though they say its a well-known brand. There was no car on hand for the shoot – apparently it will be Photoshopped in later.  Continue reading

Bainbridge Downtown Association names executive director

jerri.laneThe Bainbridge Island Downtown Association has named Jerri Lane to replace Andie Mackin as executive director.

Mackin took a job at the Downtown Seattle Association this spring.

Lane was most recently vice president of marketing at Visit Seattle. She also worked in marketing at Sheraton Seattle Hotel and The Westin Seattle.

“I am very pleased to welcome Jerri to the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association team,” BIDA board President Tim O’Brien said in a news release. “Her extensive background in destination and hospitality marketing made her an ideal candidate for the position.”

The full news release is posted below. Continue reading

Olympic College debuts fashion marketing classes this fall

blog.ocStyle-minded students can receive a certificate in Fashion Marketing at Olympic College in Bremerton beginning this fall.

According to a news release, the program will provide students entry-level skills in the fashion industry, with courses addressing various market segments, visual merchandizing techniques, costume history and fashion styling.

“Many entry-level opportunities are available in Fashion Marketing, both in the Puget Sound Region and nationally,” said Stacy Patrick, clothing store owner and member of the newly-formed Fashion Marketing Advisory Committee. “This new OC certificate could provide just the boost a creative student needs.”

The lead instructor is Deborah de Beauchamp.

The first two five-credit classes available this fall are “Intro to Fashion” and “Visual Merchandising and Promotion.”

For information, go to, call (360) 475-7555, or email de Beauchamp at

Busch ad campaign features Bainbridge tugboat crewman

Busch Beer is rolling out an ad campaign that “celebrates everyday people who work hard at their jobs and in their communities.”

Bainbridge Island tugboat deckhand Andy Freeman fit the bill.

Freeman is one of eight workers across the country highlighted as “Busch Heroes” in the new campaign. He was honored at an event in Bremerton Friday.

Freeman is featured in a mini documentary about his work (embedded above). According to a news release, he will also appear on packaging, print ads, retail displays and regional billboards, along with the slogan “Here’s to Earning It.”

You can see more of the campaign here.