Gas prices remain low for Thanksgiving travel

b0013469343-999094Drivers headed out of town for the holiday will pay a tad more for a tank of gas this year than they did last Thanksgiving.

A gallon of regular gasoline was selling for an average of $2.58 in Kitsap County on Monday, according to AAA. That was up slightly from an average of $2.46 on the same day of 2015.

Nationally, gas prices are still much lower this fall than they were just a couple of years ago:


Gas tends to cost less this time of year and an abundance of crude oil on the global market is helping keep retail prices in check.

AAA projects 43.5 million Americans will take road trips for Thanksgiving this week.

3 thoughts on “Gas prices remain low for Thanksgiving travel

    1. I’m no oil market expert, but this is what AAA has to say about the south and southeastern states:

      “Drivers in the southeastern quadrant of the U.S. continue to enjoy some of the lowest prices in the nation, due to the advantageous proximity to major Gulf Coast refineries and some of the lowest state gasoline taxes in the country.

      Five states in the region rank in the top-ten lowest prices nationwide: Texas ($1.92), Mississippi ($1.95), Alabama ($1.95), South Carolina ($1.96) and Tennessee ($1.96).”

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