Plans filed for new Bruce Titus Ford dealership

titus.renderingPermit applications filed with the city this month give a first look at Bruce Titus Ford’s expansion plans in Port Orchard.

The Bay Street dealership recently purchased an adjacent lot where St. Vincent de Paul runs a thrift store. St. Vincent plans to open a new shop on Bethel Avenue later this year, and will continue operating on Bay Street until then.faith2_21706995_ver1.0_640_480

Bruce Titus Ford is proposing a two-story, 29,000-square-foot building on the site of the current thrift store.

For perspective, the existing showroom is about 12,000 square feet. The existing thrift store building is roughly 26,000 square feet.

Below is a preliminary site plan for the proposed Bruce Titus project (click here to view the full plan set):

Preliminary Civil Titus Ford p3

Port Orchard Community Development Director Nick Bond said the project will require a conditional use permit, shoreline development permit and shoreline variance.

The Bay Street Pedestrian Path will be extended along the shoreline of the property via an easement.

You can view the notice of application and SEPA determination of non significance for the dealership project here. Comments will be accepted through Aug. 12.

According to county documents, Titus paid $1.65 million for the St. Vincent parcel, which was owned by Port Orchard Shopping Center LP. The two waterfront properties total about 3.3 acres.

Business has been good lately for Port Orchard dealerships. New and used car dealers within the city reported higher gross sales in 2015 than in 2007, before the start of the recession, according to numbers from the state Department of Revenue. 

6 thoughts on “Plans filed for new Bruce Titus Ford dealership

  1. What!!?? — no “Housing First” apartments on floors 3-5? What happen to the “let’s pack ’em in” theory”?

  2. I think prime waterfront land in a downtown area of a city can be put to much better use than a car dealer. The city should offer Bruce Titus incentive to develop this into mixed use and help them get them some land near the freeway to put a new dealership

    1. All fine and dandy, but there is still plenty of waterfront in PO. Why has it not been snatched up and developed as you’d like? We need to thank Bruce for putting in something that will look infinitely better than what exists now.

  3. What land are you referring to PO resident? The Port of Bremerton owns much of it and the city won’t let much happen to the “historic” downtown. This area and Westbay Center are about all that there is for development. I do agree thought, this will look much better than what is currently there.

  4. Nice to see something happening in downtown Port Orchard. With so many empty businesses downtown, it’s nice to see someone investing some money, to build something that might stick around for a while. Build your prime multi-story “pack em in” condo in the space where the Mexican Restaurant once stood, or maybe in the abandoned “Swim Deck” location. I am so tired of people complaining of how people plan to use the property that they plunked down the cash and paid for. If you don’t want a car dealer on this property, then make Bruce Titus enough money that YOU can own it and decide how it will be (or not be) developed.

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