Marijuana store approved in Manette


A fourth and final marijuana store has been approved for the city of Bremerton.

The state Liquor and Cannabis Board gave the green light Thursday for a recreational pot shop called Budeez, at 2111 E 11th Street, next door to Manette Saloon. The space was previously home to a martial arts studio.

With Destination HWY 420, Pacific Cannabis Co. and The Reef already licensed within city limits, Bremerton has now reached its state-imposed cap of four marijuana retailers.

Budeez is the 15th store approved in Kitsap County. The state plans to license up to 20 retailers county wide.

4 thoughts on “Marijuana store approved in Manette

  1. Destination 420 is like a cluster f—
    out of products, everyone on 1 register
    THE REEF – ROCKS, help was great!!!

  2. The reef is everything marijuana use is not…..trendy in a bad way, it reminds me of the movie “a night at the roxyberry”. It feels like a club with a douchy feel. The security is scary looking, not tough, but shady looking. I will never go there and anyone over 25 should just bypass. The time I went there, you ordered from a tablet, not touch or smelling or seeing the actual product before the buy it!lame.

  3. how does that math add up exactly? I count 5. Highway 420 and Destination Hwy 420 are 2 separate stores, then pacific and reef. add in budeez and Bremerton is now breaking the legally imposed cap.

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