Bainbridge nursing home tops April commercial sales

A Bainbridge Island nursing home and a waterfront shopping center in Port Orchard were among the top commercial property sales of  April.

A total of 22 commercial parcels changed hands that month for a combined $8.57 million, according to county assessor’s documents.

Here’s a look at some of the notable sales from April:

Island Health and Rehab — $2 million

Sale date: April 30

Assessed value: $2.55 million

Sold by: Extendicare Homes Inc. to Bainbridge Health Holdings Inc.

Description: A 1.85-acre property and 69-bed nursing home at 835 Madison Ave. in Winslow.

Notes: The company that bought the home is The Ensign Group, which operates about 150 health care facilities. Island Health and Rehab will be operated under Pennant, Ensign’s subsidiary in the Northwest. Read an earlier post about the sale here.

Port Orchard shopping center — $1.65 million

Sale date: April 27

Assessed value: $1.33 million

Sold by: Port Orchard Shopping Center to Eagle 253 LLC.

Description: A 1.57 acre waterfront property with a 26,000-square-foot shopping center on the 1200 block of Bay Street.

Notes: Eagle 253 is a Bruce Titus company. The property is next door to the Bruce Titus Ford dealership. Tenants at the shopping center include a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.

Former Poulsbo Chevron — $1.31 million

GasStationMug_jpg_15114694_ver1.0_640_480Sale date: April 20

Assessed value: $895,000

Sold by: Raab and Raab Properties, LLC. to Car Wash Enterprises, Inc.

Description: A three-quarter-acre parcel at the southeast corner of Hostmark Street and Highway 305. A Chevron station and convenience store were recently demolished.

Notes: Car Wash Enterprises does business as Brown Bear Car Wash. Brown Bear already operated the gas station and store at the site. They closed the Poulsbo Chevron, along with one on Bainbridge Island, earlier this year. Redevelopment for the two Highway 305 properties are unclear at this point.

Hwy 303 auto shop — $1 million

Sale date: April 28

Assessed value: $1.18 million

Sold by: Gary Parker, as trustee for Vicki Parker, to Knowlton LLC.

Description: A little less than an acre and a 10,000-square-foot shop and retail space at 5921 Highway 303.

Notes: It appears the owners of LK’s Auto Repair are bought the location where they were doing business.

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