Strong start to year for employment in Kitsap

The state released January employment estimates this week and there was good new all around for Kitsap County:

Jobs in Kitsap

More people were working in Kitsap in January than a year ago, according to the Employment Security Department.

Kitsap businesses and government agencies employed about 86,500 people in the first month of the year, a 3.1 percent gain from January 2014.

If that number holds up, it will be the highest number of January jobs reported in the county since 2008:

That’s especially good news because January is typically one of the worst months for employment (the holiday hiring boom is over, the summer season is still months away). We can expect to build on this total throughout the year.

According to Employment Security, Kitsap added about 2,600 jobs between January 2014 and January 2015. This included 1,600 in the private sector and 1,000 in government — nearly all at the federal level.

Washington State added about 100,000 jobs over the same period.


There was also positive news when it came to overall employment among Kitsap County residents in January.

Both the labor force (the total number of people working or seeking work) and employment were up by about 3 percent from January 2014.

The labor force grew by about 3,400 people to reach 117,430. About 3,000 more people found work, swelling employment to 109,390.

With more jobseekers returning to the workforce, the county’s unemployment rate edged up by one-tenth of one percent to reach 6.8 percent.

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