Calmer seas for former Port Washington Marina

marinaA sleepy marina on the Port Washington Narrows is enjoying a fresh start.

The marina, which sits just west of the Warren Avenue bridge, ran into financial trouble and was sold at a receiver’s sale about a year ago.

I chatted with the new owners for a larger Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal story:

Partners in the Port Orchard Railway Marina bought the foundering marina on Thompson Drive for about $460,000. The new owners switched the name from Port Washington to Bridgeview Marina, and are gradually catching up on neglected maintenance.

“I think there was a lot of Band-Aid sort of repair work being done,” Bridgeview Marina Inc. president Jeremy McNeil said. “We want to make more permanent repairs.”

They hope to make the marina a more permanent success as well. Fewer than half of the 80 slips are occupied. They hope upgrades to the facilities and competitive prices will help draw boaters back.

The view of the narrows and the bustling bridge above certainly doesn’t hurt.

“The beauty of it is really one of the appeals,” McNeil said.

You can find Bridgeview Marina on Facebook.

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