Tommy C’s may reopen as Silverdale brewery

TommyCsBuilding01_12691335_ver1.0_640_480Facing eviction in Port Orchard, the owner of popular sports grill Tommy C’s is close to inking a lease in Silverdale.

Owner Tommy Cash confirmed he hopes to relocate his restaurant to the former Old Town Bistro building on Byron Street. The Bistro shut down last summer.

If all goes to plan, Tommy C’s will reopen as Cash Brewing Company. Cash bought brewing equipment and planned to open a microbrewery in Port Orchard shortly before receiving an eviction notice at Bethel Centre.

Cash has been scrambling to find a location where he can open both a restaurant and brewery. He expects to sign a lease on the Old Town Bistro building early this week and has already applied for a microbrewery license at that address.

Tommy C’s is raising money via a campaign to help pay for relocation. Cash said renovating the Bistro building could cost about $75,000.

Cash plans to keep the restaurant open at its current location for as long as possible, but he needs to vacate by the end of February.

About 300 people watched the Super Bowl at the Tommy C’s Sunday.

“Everybody just had a blast,” Cash said.

Sk8Town, which shared the Bethel Centre building with Tommy C’s, plans to close Feb. 8. The roller derby league that used Sk8Town as its home rink is also searching for a new home.

5 thoughts on “Tommy C’s may reopen as Silverdale brewery

  1. Glad to hear that Tommy Cash will continue on, just disappointed he could not stay in Port Orchard. As a South Kitsap resident, fighting the traffic to go to Silverdale or Bremerton at most times is just not worth the effort unless it is for specific needs. Trying to do so for Sunday football would be an occasional trip, but not as many times as visiting a place in South Kitsap like I did this season to Tommy C’s.

    I look forward to visiting the new facility when it opens.

  2. so excited! i moved to seabeck from port orchard and have not been able to go much to eat there so Im excited to have them open closer to us! 🙂 sorry about the way it had to happen but excited.

  3. Good for Tommy, his employees and Silverdale. Not good for us in Port Orchard. Will still stop by just not as often.
    Good luck Tommy.

  4. Sad to see you leave Port Orchard, we loved your family atmosphere, me and grandson Ronan have been coming in since he was 5 days old, we loved watching the Seahawks there with you and your staff … I don’t get to Silverdale very often, but if you have family dining then you will see us once in a while, Good Luck to you all , and we hope you come back to Port Orchard if the opportunity comes available !

  5. You know, it’s not about the time and distance. If you love a place, you want to be there. We have often travelled from Silverdale to Tommy C’s because we love the owners, people, and the food. No, we don’t go every week but as often as we can. And we make it a point to find some excuse to go over there sometimes.
    And it’s not like you will have to “wade” through Silverdale to get to the new home of Tommy C’s. It is just off the freeway at the Newberry Hill exit, down the hill, take a right and head toward Silverdale. Then it is the first exit on your right. You don’t even get into Silverdale proper.

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