Task force studying what medical services are needed in Bremerton

A task force is meeting to discuss what medical services Harrison Medical Center should maintain in Bremerton after it moves its main hospital campus to Silverdale.

urlThe group will also study options for repurposing the 1965 East Bremerton hospital.

Harrison convened the “Bremerton Community Health Care Advisory Group” in September. The committee will meet monthly between October and March.

After the six-month study period, the group will present a prioritized list of recommendations to the Harrison board.

“CHI Franciscan Health believes this is an important endeavor to solicit community support and feedback in our planning process,” spokesman Scott Thompson said in a statement provided to the Kitsap Sun. CHI Franciscan is the parent company of Harrison.

The committee includes Bremerton community leaders “who have a vested interest in ensuring health care access for area residents,” according to the statement. Franciscan isn’t releasing the names of committee members to ensure they remain “unbiased.”

Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent said she is part of the task force.

The need for an urgent care clinic in Bremerton is already being discussed by city leaders. The Doctors Clinic recently announced it will relocate its Bremerton practices, including urgent care, to Silverdale.

You can let us know what health care services you think are most vital to Bremerton by leaving a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Task force studying what medical services are needed in Bremerton

  1. Would like to see a facility for the severely mentally ill made available. Something along the lines Senator Murphy’s law is recommending.

  2. My 55-yr-old husband would not be alive today – REALLY – if not for the fact that we have an EXCELLENT hospital and emergency department just minutes away from where we live in E. Bremerton.

    He suffered a life-threatening medical crisis a few months ago, and he needed emergency care VERY QUICKLY, but beyond what even the best and fastest paramedics (- CKFR -) were able to provide.

    This is one reason why my family and I are PANIC-STRICKEN at the thought of losing our ONLY local emergency medical care facilities.

    THANKS FOR NOTHING, Franciscans!

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