Poulsbo Chamber director to step down

HarrisonGreater Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jan Harrison will step down at the end of 2014, after two years leading the organization.

“The timing just feels right,” Harrison said in a Tuesday announcement. “This was a one- to three-year project for me and the Chamber’s response exceeded my expectations. I’ve accomplished what we set out to accomplish and it’s time for me to leave it in the capable hands of the board, and move on to my next challenge.”

Chamber Board President Jessie Nino credited Harrison with pulling the Chamber out of a slump brought on by the recession.

“Jan was the right person at the right time,” Nino said in the announcement. “We needed a lot of energy that would motivate others to roll up their sleeves and launch some big initiatives.”

Harrison led efforts to move the chamber to its new offices on Highway 305, clean up its records, and boost attendance at monthly luncheons. She made the chamber more welcoming, Nino said.

“Perhaps most important, she moved this Chamber to one of inclusion, rather than exclusivity,” Nino said. “She’s positioned us so that businesses want to be a part of the fun — rather than feel obligated to join us.”

Harrison said she will relaunch her consulting practice after departing the chamber.

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