New burger joint open in Lynwood Center


Pleasant Beach Village was already bursting with new businesses. It added another today.

Hammy’s Burgers, billed as an affordable, diner-style eatery, opened in the Lynwood Center Road development on Bainbridge Island Monday morning. The restaurant is owned by the Jacobi family, which owns Pleasant Beach Village.

Hammy’s has all the expected offerings, including burgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, drinks and shakes. More details and a full menu are posted on the Pleasant Beach Village page on Facebook.

A representative for the development said leases are being finalized for the last two vacant commercial spaces in Pleasant Beach Village. A community pool is also in the works.

Hammy’s is located at 4688 Lynwood Center Road.

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2 thoughts on “New burger joint open in Lynwood Center

  1. Very Disappointed. I read that they had Veggie Burgers and so we excitedly went to check the place out. They have a fake meat patty that has egg, cheese and milk as ingredients. That’s not a veggie burger. They also offer a onion ring “burger” – but the onions are breaded with an egg mixture. Nothing veggie about this place. There are many of us on the Island who don’t eat animal proteins. It would be so easy for them to have black bean, rice or oatmeal burgers in the freezer. The least they could do is go to Costco and buy vegan burgers.

  2. It is a diner, and as such.. ‘Murica! They probably have buns con gluten as well. If you don’t want Paula Dean amounts of butter and MEAT, go to Panera.

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