Great Peninsula Conservancy moving downtown

blog.corner.buildingThe nonprofit Great Peninsula Conservancy is moving to a prominent downtown corner, after outgrowing its Kitsap Way digs.

The land trust will slide into a corner office on the top floor of the Sound West Building at the corner of Pacific Avenue and 5th Street.

Great Peninsula Conservancy is currently located at 3721 Kitsap Way. The small offices were getting cramped with a staff of five and a growing list of projects, said Executive Director Sandra Staples-Bortner. The group was interested in the exposure offered on Pacific Avenue, and liked the growing energy downtown.

“We see what’s happening there and want to be a part of it,”Staples-Bortner said.

Sound West Group CEO Wes Larson said the land trust is a good match for the space.

“Having GPC downtown makes a great environmental statement- concentrating businesses in urban areas takes advantage of our existing infrastructure, builds community, and helps preserve and protect our natural environment,” he said, in an email to the Sun.

The move will likely happen in March.

Great Peninsula is involved in several conservation efforts, including the Kitsap Forest & Bay project in Port Gamble, and Petersen Farm in Central Kitsap.

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2 thoughts on “Great Peninsula Conservancy moving downtown

  1. It is MOST important that a healthy balance is maintained as space within the downtown area continues to fill up.

    A healthy balance between for profit businesses and not-for profit operations.

    I am sure that Great Peninsula Conservancy is a fine organization, however in the past few months, the tipping point in that healthy balance is starting to wander into too much non-profit by in and not enough for profit.

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