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New Years Day with a HERO…


My wife, Jan and I were caught in the lock down at Mt.Rainier National Park earlier this week. We were there for some snow shoeing and arrived at the front gate just as the rangers heard about the eventual shooter blowing past the tire chain check point on the way to the visitor’s center. While we were in the park we witnessed the situation evolve from ‘a driver blowing past a check point’ to ‘a fatal shooting of a park ranger and full-blown manhunt and lockdown.’ We waited in the National Park Inn until about 3:am when we were escorted out of the park in a caravan by a WA State patrol car. Ironically the park ranger initially was trying to stop a driver without tire chains. By blocking the road, Park Ranger Margaret Anderson ended up saving a lot of lives at the visitor’s center. THANK YOU Margaret Anderson, you are a HERO and you will be missed.