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  1. Tough question:

    I would go over every cases to find the individuals that were arrested and tried under the law but NOT deamned “sexual offender”. A person that got into trouble when a teen with gal vrey much looking like a legal age but not for exaple. A 17 year old with a 17 year old, etc. Then like MLB put an * Astriod aside their name a rather private file with an * Astroid that safeguards that person as to their whereabouts but not publically.

    Now, we have a site that is between a full fledged “high” security penitentry to a minimum Securitiy place,and then a sort of open arena tht houses those that I spoke of prior.

    The “High” security is escaped proof and made for more if needs be. It is insected for a week by an efficial every 5 months.

    Here is also full medical, security and mental/emotional staff from the localsas part of action.

    There is a fair given every 9 months to display art, crafts, cooking,etc by any or all enprisoned. Most is outdoors but some within the complex too where families, relations got visitations too.

    The ones with roaming priledges are hirees by he state for clean up, car immrovements for single women, those 60 and older, also participate with SA,OA,NA,AA,Alateen,and such twice weekly.

    Family visitations of course once every other week for 4.

    There can be legit schooling as well to gain GED and 2yr degrees or even satilite campus studies for High School and get a 4 year degree in English/Lit.,Physical Education,Theatre, Hybrid engines, a two year in Forestry, 2 year in fish/wildlife, 2yr in cleaning/janitor from office space to outside on buildings, etc.

    Things as this will help bring populace with such as they MUST have a part of the pie and no established citizen can take the superior attude to mere rid the earth of these men and women.

  2. I like this cartoon . I also have to wonder about the mall in silver dale, you walk by a store where extremely sexual figurines stand out in the viewing area of scantily dressed women , sexually enticing products for viewing . Kids walk there everyday with familes gouing to see Santa . Yet somehow we get such a strong public outcry against coffee shops and a porn shop near that silver dale mall store with all its windows darkened so you can not see inside ?

    Just seems , including myself , we selectively pick our battles sometimes based on logic that is not really clear . From both sides of the issue .

    Some uses of sexual explicitness is culturally acceptable , some are not .

    But the cartoonist has it right here , picking on sexual offenders that are acttouchingchuing children should bpriorityoority as a community . Perhaps this issue has good arguments , but it seems to be on the bottom os the top ten list .

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