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Day One!

Today was a very long day starting with having to be at the high school at 4:15 AM. Everything at the airports went smoothly besides the normal delays.After we got our bags we went to Farmers Market for lunch and then took a Hollywood tour. We ended our day at the hotel the Pacific Palms.

The best part of today was during the Hollywood tour we took. While My group was walking around Hollywood blvd. a lady saw a sign that said South Kitsap High School Band and the first thing she says to the people she was with was that we were going to be in the Rose Bowl and that they were excited to see us perform.  Her comment made me realize that people want us here and are excited to watch us do what we do.

Hannah Melcher

The Final Stretch

My family asked me many times what I wanted for Christmas and every time I told them that I didn’t really want anything, and it took about a week to realize that what I really wanted for Christmas I was already getting. I was getting the opportunity of a life time, and I get to experience it with some of my best friends. All of that, was what I wanted more than any toy, video game, or movie that I would forget about in two months.

I spent Christmas Eve with my family, and I am pretty sure that every single member of my family gave me a hug and told me that they were proud of me, because of something that the band did. I have to say that it is the greatest feeling knowing that my family is proud of something I helped accomplish. Even though yesterday was Christmas all I could think about was that “we” were leaving for Rose Bowl in two days, and how I wish it was already Sunday, the day we leave.

Tonight I do not expect many of the band kids to actually sleep. It is like when a little kid is so excited for some event that is going to happen the next day he or she just can’t sleep. This trip is going to be something I will remember for the rest of my life. Mr. Grams always says “This will be the highlight of your high school career,” and I truly believe that.

Hannah Melcher