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The Trip of a Lifetime…

Today has been a REALLY long day. Having not slept well the night before and being at the school at 4 am, it’s been hard to stay up this whole time. As usual, ourplane was delayed, but we still ended up being on time. We played tourists by eating lunch at the Farmer’s Market, and then touring Hollywood; the Sunset strip and Ss.anta Monica Blvd being the main attractions. I do hope that this trip does become a little better. Today was a really stressful day, for it being long and people being irritable, things just got crazy. But I do hope after a good nights sleep, everyone in the morning will be a happier person.

Day One!

Today was a very long day starting with having to be at the high school at 4:15 AM. Everything at the airports went smoothly besides the normal delays.After we got our bags we went to Farmers Market for lunch and then took a Hollywood tour. We ended our day at the hotel the Pacific Palms.

The best part of today was during the Hollywood tour we took. While My group was walking around Hollywood blvd. a lady saw a sign that said South Kitsap High School Band and the first thing she says to the people she was with was that we were going to be in the Rose Bowl and that they were excited to see us perform.  Her comment made me realize that people want us here and are excited to watch us do what we do.

Hannah Melcher

A long but amazing first day.

So we woke up early. When I say we, I mean all of the band kids. It finally hit me when we were taking our tour of LA. The Rose Parade is such a big deal here and I am so excited for showing the people what our band is made of. As soon as we stepped of the plane, we were whisked away on a day long bus tour. We explored farmers market and then adventured through people-packed Hollywood. After taking tons of pictures we headed to the Pacific Palms Resort where after getting acquainted with our rooms, had dinner and now its almost time for bed. Tomorrow we explore Disneyland and watch fireworks to end our day.

The Final Night

Being us ^.^ at a pep band game. Fellow Mellos
Being us ^.^ at a pep band game. Fellow Mellos

As I, and many other band kids get ready for bed, I know we are all thinking that this it, this is what we have been waiting for, for two years. Our parents are going to be thinking that we are “sleeping”, but we all know that that is not going to happen. I think that this has finally hit me that this actually going to happen. And I think that twenty years from now, I’ll be thinking back to the trip and I’ll excited just like if it happened yesterday. This night is like THE Christmas Eve for all of us. I believe that not many of us were too worried about the actual Christmas this year, rather than our Eve of Pasadena. As I opened all of my presents yesterday, I was thinking to myself if I should bring all of the goodies with me down to California, and not much past that. This trip has added a whole new level of excitement to the holidays. I know I will not ring in the New Year as I have in the past because of the necessary hours of sleep that will be needed for the next day. We get an early bed time and an even earlier wake-up, so we’ll be celebrating New Years East Coast style. I really wasn’t that excited until I watched the Disneyland holiday special, and then I realized that I would be marching in that parade (Disneyland parade) in a couple of days. These last few hours are going to be filled with anticipation and pure adrenaline for all of those leaving in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t think that many band kids will be sleeping on the plane in the morning. Too many things are going on; there are going to people doing homework, playing games, listening to music, and even reading. Tomorrow is going to be such an eventful day for all of the bandies on the trip, and even some of the parents too.

Written by both Emily Boyd and Megan Sanger ~ part of the Mellophone section

P.S. We, Emily and Megan, are both chillin’ out on this eve of Pasadena filled with child-like excitement. GO WOLVES

The Final Stretch

My family asked me many times what I wanted for Christmas and every time I told them that I didn’t really want anything, and it took about a week to realize that what I really wanted for Christmas I was already getting. I was getting the opportunity of a life time, and I get to experience it with some of my best friends. All of that, was what I wanted more than any toy, video game, or movie that I would forget about in two months.

I spent Christmas Eve with my family, and I am pretty sure that every single member of my family gave me a hug and told me that they were proud of me, because of something that the band did. I have to say that it is the greatest feeling knowing that my family is proud of something I helped accomplish. Even though yesterday was Christmas all I could think about was that “we” were leaving for Rose Bowl in two days, and how I wish it was already Sunday, the day we leave.

Tonight I do not expect many of the band kids to actually sleep. It is like when a little kid is so excited for some event that is going to happen the next day he or she just can’t sleep. This trip is going to be something I will remember for the rest of my life. Mr. Grams always says “This will be the highlight of your high school career,” and I truly believe that.

Hannah Melcher

12 hours

Our last football game.

I can’t believe that in only 12 hours the South Kitsap High School Marching Band is going to be on a few buses heading toward Sea-Tac, and then on down to California. This has been an amazing ride South Kitsap! Now we get to actually live the dream that we all have been dreaming for the past two years. Congradulations to everyone who has stuck with us this whole time. 

Megan Sanger ~ Mellophone Section Leader

A Very Busy Week Ahead

SKHS Band accepting the Tournament of Roses Flag on June 11, 2009.
SKHS Band accepting the Tournament of Roses Flag on June 11, 2009.

Though they were notified a few months before that they were invited, the official invitation to march in the Tournament of Roses Parade  is the Tournament of Roses flag.  It was officially presented to the SKHS Marching Band on June 11, 2009, at Joe Knowles Stadium, by Sally Bixby, from Tournament of Roses Executive Committee (see picture at left).

That was six months ago.  Now, in less than a week, the SKHS Marching Band will represent South Kitsap in front of hundreds of thousands in person and millions on national TV.  There is no group better prepared to represent their community!  Let’s hear it for the band!!  

In addition to performing on January 1st in the Rose Bowl Parade, the SKHS Marching Band will also be performing at Disneyland (on Tuesday, December 29th),  and participating in BandFest at the Rose Bowl Stadium (on Wednesday, December 30th) .  They have a few additional fun, exciting, and educational activities  during the week too.  Not to mention daily practice sessions.  They will be quite busy all week long.

As ‘band groupies’ for the week,  we hope you enjoy the pictures, videos, and comments as the Tournament of Roses week marches on for the SKHS Marching Band.

Special shout-out and thank you to Mr. Grams, the SKHS Band Boosters, and most especially, every parent of the band members.   As they play their hearts out and march 5.5 miles on January 1st, they have you to thank for believing in them, supporting them, and teaching them to give it their best step forward each and every day!

-Kathryn Simpson