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Leaguers Urged to Support Appleton’s Single-Payer Bill

Here are notes on recent developments from our Health Committee chair:
1) Obama’s Health Care Reform Law that goes into effect in 2014 allows states to request a federal waiver to implement a health care delivery system known as a single payer or Medicare for everyone. Rep. Sherry Appleton has introduced HB1085 that would authorize our state to apply for a waiver and upon approval adopt a single payer system in 2017. You can read the bill at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=1085.

The LWVWA supports the single payer health care system and many Leaguers will be attending a Health Care and Wellness Committee hearing on Appleton’s bill today (Feb. 1) in Olympia. Rep. Jan Angel, 26th Legislative District, is on this Committee and this is a request for you to contact Jan Angel to express your support for this legislation. Representative Angel can be contacted at 360-443-2409 or at her District Office, 360-786-7964. If you live in her District you can e-mail her at jan.angel@leg.wa.gov or by going to her Website. Thanks for your help.

2) At their January 2 meeting, the LWVK Board signed a Resolution in support of the Kitsap County Commissioners passing a 1/10th of one-percent sales tax increase to fund new mental health, chemical dependency and related housing and criminal justice services. It is estimated that over $3 million would be available annually. Our League is participating on the Strategic Leadership Committee to help gather community support for the initiative and to provide assistance in any way we can to assure improved services in our county. Nineteen counties and the City of Tacoma have already passed this tax. If passed the tax would begin the first month of the next quarter and funds would be collected for a year giving time to develop the programs and assure funding availability. An oversight committee will be formed to assure neutrality, transparency and accountability including an evaluation of the efficacy and cost savings of each funded program. Many thanks to those League members who have volunteered to help gather signatures for the Resolution.
Pam Hamon, Chair
LWVK Health Committee