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League Completes Energy Study

A meeting to discuss the state League’s new energy report is scheduled for 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Poulsbo Library. The report can be accessed at

Below are the consensus questions on the report:

The LWVWA report in 1977 created a three-pronged approach:
Conservation education
Incentives for efficient uses of current energy sources
Greater use of alternative sources
Since our 1977 study, technologies have changed because of research & development, and government policies, etc. Therefore this report focuses on the third of the three-pronged approaches, alternative sources. And because many of these sources currently produce energy at a commercial level, now the appropriate term is renewable, not alternative, sources of energy.
The questions for consensus discussion follow.
1. Of the following list of characteristics of energy usage and production, which two to four do you consider the most important?
a. Locally generated power
b. Energy efficiency
c. Level and results of current research
d. Requirements for use of the renewable
e. Level of resulting greenhouse gas emissions
f. Level of dependency on few sources
g. Reliability
h. Cost
i. Capacity (availability) of resources
j. Competition for resource usage, e.g. water, land, navigation, rare minerals
k. Environmental effects, e.g. wildlife, plant life, land, water, air
l. Noise
2. Which of the above one to two do you consider to be the least important?
3. Based on your list of most and least important characteristics above and the choices below where should League put its support when it comes to renewable energy use and production? Please rank.
a. Wind
b. Solar
c. Biomass/Bioenergy (wood)
d. Wave
e. Tidal
f. Geothermal
g. Hydropower
4. The Smart Grid will be expensive, and may possibly raise privacy concerns. Do you consider those to be problems? Please explain.
5. Are there trade-offs you personally would be willing to make in your daily use of energy? If so, please list up to three to four your group would be willing to consider.