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Oct. 26 Meeting Looks at Federal Role in Education

The League of Women Voters of Kitsap will explore the federal role in public education at its next meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Eagles Nest, 1200 Fairgrounds Road, Bremerton.
A panel of local educators will be on hand to discuss the issues and answer questions. They are Greg Lynch, Superintendent, Central Kitsap School District; Kathryn Simpson, Board President, South Kitsap School District; Wayne Lindberg, Finance and Operations Director, Bremerton School District; and Chris Fraser, President, North Kitsap Education Association.
Please plan to attend and bring your questions. For example, has No Child Left Behind worked? Should the federal government mandate items as a condition for funding or should there be more equity and/or flexibility in funding? Should common standards, assessments and curriculum be required or voluntary in all states?
The gathering is free and open to the public. For information call (360) 697-7924.

One thought on “Oct. 26 Meeting Looks at Federal Role in Education

  1. Wow. I am bummed. I am one of the very fortunate individuals that still has a full time job in the private sector so I am unable to attend these types of events when they occur during the 9-5 work day. I would love to be there if I could.

    For me,the term unfunded or underfunded mandates needs to be eliminated. To be a mandate, they need to be fully funded at the state or federal level or they should not exist as a mandate in the first place.

    Also, federal money that is awarded to this state should NOT be subverted, diverted, or used in a bait and switch shell game by the legislature in the manner that the EduJobs money was. That was a really disgusting display by Olympia of just kicking the problem down the road just a few more feet

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