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State League Sets Legislative Priorities

The 2011 regular session of the Washington State Legislature is scheduled to begin Jan. 10. The state League will again have its legislative action team in place and will lobby for its priorities.
League’s Priorities for the 2011 Legislative Session

Strengthen Democracy
– support public campaign financing for judicial positions
– protect state funding that invests in programs to promote a more positive future for all citizens

Support Education, Early Learning, Families and Children
– support development of a funding system for the K-12 basic education structure
– protect state and federal funding to meet basic needs of families and children
– promote policies and programs that promote the well-being and safety of all children
– improve and support child care program quality and access for low-income families

Improve Access to Health Care
– guarantee access for all residents in comprehensive, uniform, and affordable health services
– use implementation of the Affordable Care Act to help maintain funding for public health, health coverage for low income populations, and for incentives for primary care doctors to work in under-served areas

Protect Natural Resources and Human Health
– provide clean energy and good health by transitioning power plants away from burning coal
– reduce pollution by controlling phosphorus in lawn fertilizers
– adopt an effective program to clean up and prevent pollutants, including petroleum products, from entering the waters of the state
– reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals in children’s products quickly and effectively

Promote a Balanced Transportation System
– increase affordable and reliable access to public transportation
– decrease the number of single-occupancy vehicles on roads, bridges and ferries
– increase fuel efficiency by promoting development and use of alternative fuel sources across all modes of transportation

7 thoughts on “State League Sets Legislative Priorities

  1. Well it sounds like I will be running into some of you in Olympia after the first of the year. I have signed up to attend a League of Education Voters legislative training session in January and plan on hopefully being able to speak about education issues and on education legislation sometime this coming year.

  2. I didn’t see anything about ‘balancing the budget’, fiscal responsibility, or reigning in the size of a bloated government.

    ‘Support the Progressives’ seems to be their mantra. Too bad they’re not non-partisan.

  3. Now that’s not entirely correct. Just because they happen to be left leaning on most of their beliefs does not automatically translate into them being the “Democratic Party”.

    Just as I am right leaning in my beliefs but have openly disconnected myself from being a Republican and the Republican Party as a whole. I now consider myself to be an independent conservative. I just happen to have some common ground on certain issues with them. Does NOT mean I am one of them.

    Having had some rather important and decent conversations with more than one of the local League of Women Voters members on education issues has helped me in my own advocacy and to build partnerships that actually focus on the issue at hand and transcend partisan rhetoric.

  4. The League of Liberal Wowme voters seems to support every government spending program without any consideration of who will pay the bill.

  5. This LWV of Kitsap has set a list of priorities that spell “COMMUNIST” where all social ills are to be resolved by government spending and in your face attitudes of government
    control. The use of the words democracy, families and children, public transportation, health care, all sound good and sweetness and enlightenment but really are the sheeps clothing for massive spending and population controls. I agree with those bloggers blue light and randy dutton Democrats in disguise.

  6. Wow! Communist? Its eye catching but doubtful.

    “…democracy, families and children, public transportation, health care, all sound good and sweetness and enlightenment but really are the sheeps clothing for massive spending and population controls….”

    There isn’t one of us who doesn’t care about “democracy, families and children, public transportation, health care,..” not a one, including me, and that does not make us a ‘Communist’.

    I’ve spoken with a few leaguers because I was interested in learning more about their health care ideas. None struck me as being ‘Communist’ in attitude.

    The problem is that I don’t believe that any group can get an accurate feel for what is needed in health care for the patient when they don’t allow patient input… only health care professional input is wanted and they are paid for doing a job. No one is asking the PATIENT what is lacking in health care for the patient.

    Toymakers use kids to test products and software folks use ordinary people to pre-test products… but the League – NO ONE – asks the patient what the PATIENT NEEDS.

    I don’t think anyone can get a handle on what is really needed in health care when they are disinterested in patient input.

    The League may be shortsighted, but certainly not communist…in my opinion and I disagree with them on almost every current point.

    Good luck, Colleen – you’ll do a good job
    Sharon O’Hara

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