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Give Us Your Questions for Commissioner Candidates

The League will hold another candidate forum, for Central Kitsap Commissioner candidates, on Aug. 2.
It will be held in the BKAT studio and will not be open to the public because of space limitations but will air later on television.
We would like your help in developing questions for incumbent Commissioner Josh Brown, a Democrat, and challenger David Corley, a Republican, and Wally Carlson, who lists himself as preferring the “Conservative Dem Party” in the Primary Local Voters’ Pamphlet published by Kitsap County. They are the candidates who have indicated they will participate.

Abby Burlingame, a Republican, is also a candidate for the CK commissioner position in the Aug. 17 primary.

Please post your questions as comments on this blog or e-mail them to Ann Smith, forum organizer, at Please put Forum Questions in the subject line.
We’ll hold more forums in advance of the November general election.
We appreciate your help.

14 thoughts on “Give Us Your Questions for Commissioner Candidates

  1. When the state passes a law, should the county commissioners follow the law? Why and why not?

  2. Incumbent: What have you done that could convince me to vote for you?

    Opponent: What will you do and how will you do it that will convince me to vote for you?

    I ask this because of how our out of control spending, inability to show leadership, and general lack of a plan for recovery is ongoing, with no solutions or suggestions in sight. All the low lying fruit has been picked, and now hard decisions need to be made. Instead of facing reality 2 or 3 years ago and making hard, reasonable, and needed decisions it was delayed until no other option was available. What is your path?

    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  3. One of the candidates apparently has no regard for the law and regulations about campaign signs. Abby Burlingame has dozens of signs in the Washington State Highway right of way throughout the district.
    I would like someone to ask her if she would follow other regulations and laws, or is this a life pattern?

  4. For Commissioner Brown
    What is your biggest accomplishment , what is your biggest disappointment .

    For challenger Miss Burlingame.

    What will be hoping to accomplishment inyour first term . What do you consider to be your biggest obstacle.

  5. What are the biggest challenges facing Kitsap County in the next few years, and what makes you the most qualified person to tackle those challenges?

  6. Both of Mr. Brown’s challengers have made comments/criticisms about the counties Department of Community Developement. His reported statements supporting that department’s performance and improvements are in direct contradiction to his opponent’s statements.
    I would like to see a public, open-door, discussion about this issue and not just the standard come talk to me in my office response that is typically issued to keep criticism and controversy away from an imcumbent’s campaign.

  7. Can you please tell us more about the tolls that the plan 2040 presents? It is my understanding that Josh Brown actually helped with the writing of this plan. I was at the Port Orchard Forum, where Abby Burlingame seemed to have the entire plan at hand. I would like to know what roads are to be tolled. I am very concerned about the spending and the rising debt of KC.

  8. I have a question and one reply to LindaG.

    First, Why is Abby Burlingame, Republican candidate not mentioned in your introduction. Oversite on your part or are the Democrats amongest your elitist up to dirty tricks again?

    Second, LindaG, Abby’s signs are not infringing any Laws or “Regulations” any more than the Democrat ones are!! Makes a change as You liberals normally turn out in the dead of night to tear them out. Bad grapes lady. Get a life.

  9. Olympia has increased state spending 43% in the last 5 budget cycles, our state population grew 11 percent in that time. Inflation 19 %.
    How has this increased spending helped the citizens of Kitsap County. Do we need to raise taxes to help more ?

  10. Actually, it’s not wrong after all. Only Josh Brown, Wally Carlson and David Corley have said they will be at the forum at the BKAT studio. I will go back into my original post here and clarify.
    Ann Strosnider

  11. Abby Burlingame has not indicated she will participate in our forum. I have clarified my original post to mention her as one of the candidates.
    Ann Strosnider

  12. To clarify further, all four candidates were contacted and given a choice of two dates. Only three of the candidates committed to attending; Abby Burlingame was not able to participate either date. The League of Women Voters always invites all candidates and usually has all attending, but we won’t hold a forum unless the majority of candidates commit to attend.
    Catherine Ahl
    President, LWVK

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