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Marietta Nelson
Marietta Nelson

Welcome to the Kitsap Sun’s new blog on education. Here is the forum where we can discuss all those questions that get asked in teachers’ lounges, around dining room tables and before school boards across Kitsap County.

Why the WASL?

How do I help my son/daughter with the “new math.”

Why are lunch prices going up again this year?

The superintendent makes how much?

What will President Obama do with the No Child Left Behind Act?

A little about me: I am Marietta Nelson. I have been a reporter off and on for nearly 20 years, working when my husband’s job in the military allows. I began covering education for the Kitsap Sun in late 2000 and remained in that job through mid-2003, when my family moved to California on a military transfer. We’ve been to Virginia since then and are now back.

On a personal note, I have three young children all in school, so my interest in education goes beyond just what I do for a living.

The nearly three years I previously spent covering education in Kitsap was my dream job. I am glad beyond reason to be back working for the Sun.

My goal is for this blog to become an education conversation between parents, classified staff, teachers, taxpayers, administrators and anyone else who wants to join. We may not find the answers or always agree on questions, but it will definitely be an interesting discussion.

You can reach me at kitsapeducation@yahoo.com.

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