9 thoughts on “Farewell Kitsap Education

  1. Dang Marietta. I am going to miss you and Kitsap Education. I wish you only success on your future endeavors. You really helped open some doors and shine a light on local education issues that needed it. You were also excellent to work with. I sincerely hope that this change was your decision and not that of the Kitsap Sun. If it was, then they really screwed up.

    Best of Luck.

    Colleen Smidt

  2. Thank you Marietta for asking the questions that needed to be asked, and directing your readers to information in other papers that educated us on issues that involved our education community. You will be sorely missed by many of us in the community!

    Good luck in your new endeavor and hope you keep your toes in the water somehow!


  3. I’m going to miss your down to earth reporting of kitsap education. Your thorough and balanced words kept people thinking yet were not used to “dig up any dirt” which many papers and news organizations do to keep their readers. You were always “facts based” and used those facts to keep us informed and held accountable those people who are responsible for educating the children of this area. Good luck on your new endeavor.

  4. Good luck with your future job Maritta. I found your reporting fair, balanced and informative. Also you had to report on some issues that were quite complicated and passionate to those involved with them and those who were watching.
    The best reporter on education for the Sun in my opinion since I have been following educational issues.

  5. Awww, thanks guys. I’ve appreciated all of your thoughtful comments and contributions to Kitsap Education. Keep shining your lights on local schools and ensuring that we move forward!
    To answer your question Colleen, the choice was mine. And I am forever grateful to the Sun for giving me the chance to write about schools.

  6. Marietta,
    Thanks for keeping us all informed, for being so knowledgeable about all educational issues going on in our communities and around the country, and for caring about the future of our students. You will be missed. I hope the Kitsap Sun will chose one of its staff members to continue your good work.

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