Levy and long-term strategy talk at the CK School Board last night

Beyond a discussion of the preliminary budget for the 2010-11 school year, which you can read about here, the CK School Board last night also discussed a proposal for a capital projects levy and long-term strategic planning.

The levy discussion centered around when the board felt comfortable voting on the resolution that would cement the levy for the February 2011 ballot. President Chris Stokke and board members Eric Greene and Mark Gaines (Bruce Richards was out sick) seemed pretty sure they could vote at the Aug. 11 meeting, but board member Christy Cathcart wasn’t as enthusiastic. She wanted firm numbers on property assessments for CK at that time, but county Assessor Jim Avery isn’t sure he can provide those final numbers until Sept. 1. The assessment value will affect rate at which the levy will be applied to bring in the total amount needed  by the district for the construction projects. Read more about the levy proposal here.

Cathcart compared the levy resolution to a contract and said she didn’t want to sign on until she felt she had all the information. The other board members didn’t necessarily contradict her but also didn’t necessarily agree and seemed to want to move forward in August. I know members of CK’s levy committee are anxious to have the board’s vote so they can move forward with plans to encourage folks to approve the levy. It remains to be seen if the CK board will vote in August … stay tuned.

And one more item … it seems like CK folks need to be ready to think about grade reconfiguration. Currently the elementary schools are kindergarten through sixth grade, junior highs are seventh, eighth and ninth and high schools are 10th, 11th and 12th. 

At the board meeting last night along the back wall of the board room was drawn a massive timeline from June 2010 through the end of the 2013-14 school year. Items along the timeline included: climate survey, RIF II, demographic study, teacher and principal evaluations, a third-fifth grade reading curriculum adoption and a reconfiguration study. The reconfiguration study was placed on the timeline next spring; the note “reconfiguration complete” was placed in July of 2014. CKSD spokesman David Beil pointed out that the timeline and discussions around strategic, long-term planning are working documents and only at the discussion level. Nothing is set in stone. But as CK Junior High building continues to deteriorate and enrollment numbers continue to fall (CK has lost 1,364 students in the past six years) it’s pretty clear things will be changing CK. How that all plays out will be interesting to watch. I’m betting it will include boundary changes as well, which would mean shifting kids to different schools.

One thought on “Levy and long-term strategy talk at the CK School Board last night

  1. Good for CK for getting up a timeline for everyone to see. Those of us in Bremerton on the Finance Committee have been begging for a decent at least roughed out long term timeline for the Bremerton District for the past two years to no avail.

    I even submitted to the School Board and Administration examples of timelines other districts in this state are already using and have up for public consumption. Still nothing.

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