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Owner Quashes Rumors That Ace Paving Will Close

We’ve heard several rumors the past several weeks that longtime Kitsap construction giant Ace Paving is closing. They’re not true.

Co-owner Roy Christopherson said the 62-year-old company kept fewer workers busy this winter than it usually does. It normally has enough work for about 15 people, but generally keeps 25. This year it cut back to 15.

“This is a little more severe than I’ve ever seen it in over 40 years of being at the Ace Paving Company,” Christopherson said.

Weather conditions don’t allow for much paving from Oct. 15 to May 15. The ground can’t be too cold, and the air can’t be too chilly or wet.

“Everything is normal for road construction at this time of the year,” Christopherson said of the company’s activity.

Ace is paving the Bremerton tunnel project, did the temporary lanes around the Burley-Olalla Road work at Highway 16 and expects to get several state jobs around the county, as usual.

Driveway work tailed off as the economy tanked and oil prices spiked. People can get by driving on dirt or crushed rock, he said.

Christopherson called rumors of Ace’s demise “just a lot of nonsense.”

“I get really exasperated trying to explain what is perfectly normal,” he said.

– Ed Friedrich (filling in briefly for Rachel while she’s on vacation)