Kitsap gas prices where we were a year ago, but rising very fast


The average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in Kitsap County today is at the exact same level it was a year ago. That would be a pricey $3.69, and it’s going up very rapidly.

Just in the past month, the price has risen 26 cents; just in the past 24 hours, it’s gone up 2 cents, says auto club AAA. Nationally today, we’re at $3.71.

Analysts say no turnaround’s in sight for all of 2013, when we’re expected to hit $4 a gallon.

Therefore, here are some tips for saving gas from and myself.

— Rachel Pritchett

1. Comparison-shop for cheap gas.
2. Change the way you drive. Most cars set set to run most efficiently at 55 mph. Go for that and accelerate and brake gradually.
3. Find the right type of station. Some stations are always the price leaders in the area. Oftentimes wholesale clubs, grocery stores or department stores with gas stations will sell gas close to cost or at a loss, in order to get people into the stores where they may buy other, higher margin items.
4. Take advantage of discounts. Many stations have coupons available for discounts on gas purchases. These coupons can be found in various places, like the back side of grocery store receipts, in the mail coupons, internet coupons.
5.Find other ways to get to work, including carpools, transit, walking and biking.
6. Purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Many vehicles are getting worse fuel economy than vehicles of the past. Auto manufacturers are putting larger engines in bigger vehicles, which results in unsatisfactory fuel economy. Many SUV’s get 15-20 mpg (some even worse).
7. Stay home.

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