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Time is running out on Bremerton Marina privatization idea

December 27th, 2012 by Rachel Pritchett


One more day remains for proposals to be submitted to the Port of Bremerton to privately run the mostly empty Bremerton Marina and attempt to make a profit. The marina is losing $1,000 a day and commissioners recently decided to see if the private sector could do it better.

As of Thursday, the port had not received any proposals, according to port CEO Tim Thomson. But, that could change.

Rachel Pritchett, reporter

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One Response to “Time is running out on Bremerton Marina privatization idea”

  1. Edward Says:

    It’s funny how other local marina’s have waiting lists and other things for people wanting dock space.

    If Bremerton lessened fees, they could fill up. If they want to make more money they need to have a live aboard fee and aggressively market waterfront living in a vibrant downtown.

    Market the mass transit and everything else from nearby the marina.

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