Enough handicapped access as Port Orchard Marina Park gets bigger?


Work is about to start on extending the Port Orchard Marina Park eastward to the Marley Apartments, adding a pedestrian path, viewing platform and stairs to the beach.

The Port of Bremerton is leading the work, and at a meeting Tuesday night, an interested citizen onlooker of the project, John Allen of Long Lake, questioned whether planners had given enough consideration to handicapped people’s access to the beach.

Stairs won’t cut it, he told commissioners, but a ramp might.

Commissioners agreed to have staff look into making the plan more handicapped-friendly. Larry Stokes said the area of the ramp could be too steep. Roger Zabinski said, “I don’s know if we want a ramp down to the beach.” Axel Strakeljahn said, “I’m in full support of what you’re saying.”

Other than commissioners agreeing not to change moorage rates at the Bremerton Marina in 2013, not much else happened at the last port commissioners’ meeting of the year.

— Rachel Pritchett

One thought on “Enough handicapped access as Port Orchard Marina Park gets bigger?

  1. Perhaps the Port should plan to install a motorized trolly/life mounted on the outside of the stairway so they can meet ADA? What wouldn’t the Port want to provide access to the more physically challenged users?

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