Bigger Puerto Vallarta coming to Kingston

By Rachel Pritchett

KINGSTON — Come next May, the Puerto Vallarta restaurant at George’s Corner will be in a much bigger space in the same shopping village.

Ground work now is underway for the new location of the Mexican restaurant, to be the south side of George’s Corner just feet from its present location. The shopping village that also has a popular Albertsons grocery store is at the northeast corner of Highway 104 and the Hansville Road.

The new Puerto Vallarta location will have 6,000 square feet of space. The owner, Sergio Andrade, leases the current location but will own the land and building at the new location, according to Robert Baglio, one of the owners of the general contractor of the project, BJC Group of Port Orchard.

Andrade also owns the Puerto Vallarta restaurant in Port Orchard.

The enlarged restaurant will be the only tenant in that area of George’s Corner, for now, since it lacks sewer infrastructure beyond the construction site.

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