Down, down, down goes Kitsap gas price

Down, down, down goes the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline in Kitsap County. This morning as we enter the weekend prior to Election Day, the price was $3.68, down 35 cents from a month ago.
The state price was at $3.74 Friday morning, according to auto club AAA.

The state with the lowest price was Missouri ($3.17) and on the other end motorists were paying $4.30 in Hawaii. Nationally, it was $3.49 this morning.

— Rachel Pritchett

One thought on “Down, down, down goes Kitsap gas price

  1. Just in time for the election. How predictable. Don’t be fooled by this false price reduction. It will go right back up with a “mandate” by the current “not-so-commander-in-chief” should he win. (Caps omitted on purpose.)

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