ATS work with California utility signals new direction

SILVERDALE — Military and government contractor Applied Technical Systems, Inc. now has entered the commercial realm with a new contract for a large California utility.

Under the agreement, the Silverdale-based company will provide training software for more than 200 of the utility’s plant operators.

“Effective responsiveness to a variety of situations that affect power-plant performance is a fundamental necessity to ensuring a plant is safely delivering power, said Rick Leenstra, chief executive officer.

Ed Hallda, strategist for the company, declined to identify the utility. He said the small- to medium-sized contract represents a new direction for ATS into the commercial market.

Since its beginning in 1980 in downtown Bremerton, ATS has focused on Navy and Army software engineering projects, as well as work for the federal government. It currently is streamlining the way the government issues patients.

Besides its office in Silverdale, ATS has two offices in Virginia.

— Rachel Pritchett

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