Bremerton workers earn 6 percent more than national average

By Rachel Pritchett

Wage-earners are better off in Kitsap County than the rest of the nation, according to data sent today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a part of the U.S. Department of Labor.

The average worker in Kitsap County earned $23.03 an hour in May 2011, the latest measurement available, which was about 6 percent higher than the national average of $21.74 an hour. The prevalence of skilled, federal-government jobs typically is cited for the reason local wages exceed the national average.

In Kitsap County, management occupations were the highest paid, at $49.44 an hour, followed by architecture and engineering occupations at $38.95 an hour.

Architecture and engineering occupations accounted for 5.4 percent of total local employment, compared to only 1.8 percent nationwide.

The average wage for production occupations locally was 49 percent above the national average.

Office and administrative support occupations in Kitsap County accounted for the largest share of local employment at 14.9 percent.

Those are the highlights. For more detail, go to Just FYI when you’re digging around the data, the Bremerton-Silverdale area described translated to the entire county.

One thought on “Bremerton workers earn 6 percent more than national average

  1. I am sorry but as soon as Mayor Lent and her city council see this, they will want to raise taxes. Please, please why did you also not state what the average cost of living is in the US? Could it be we paid more here because the cost of living is higher here? I recall Ex-Mayor Bozeman stating that over half the children that attend Bremerton’s schools are on some sort of a public assistance program. Something is not here.

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