Port of Bremerton decides not to raise Port Orchard Marina rates

By Rachel Pritchett

BREMERTON NATIONAL AIRPORT — Port of Bremerton commissioners on Tuesday opted not to raise rates at the Port Orchard Marina.

“We couldn’t justify it,” Commissioner Larry Stokes said.

Presently, no other local marina charges as much as the Port Orchard Marina for uncovered moorage, according to a study from the port. Boaters pay more than $350 a month for a slip.

Uncovered moorage rates among local marinas are cheapest at the Brownsville Marina, which charges less than $200 a month. The Port of Poulsbo is the second best bargain, with rates of just more than $200.

Port Orchard Marina also is the most expensive for covered moorage, charging more than $550 a month. Kingston, the cheapest, charges less than $400.

The last time the port raised rates at the Port Orchard Marina was between 2006 and 2009.

Port marinas chief Steve Slaton said the waiting list for the Port Orchard Marina is declining, due to a poor economy. About two dozen names are on the list. That’s down from before the recession, when nearly 60 names were on the list.

Since 2008, the port has “managed” the waiting list, removing names of people who died, moved away or no longer were interested, and began charging a $25 annual fee to stay on the list. That also contributed to a shorter roster of names.

The Port Orchard Marina always runs close to full.

Commissioners recently also decided not to lower rates at the Bremerton Marina to generate more interest among boaters. The marina is a third full with many boats there with a yacht-sales firm. You can read that story here:


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