Name that Starbuck’s

Good morning, readers,

Mud Bay blogger Rod Wilkinson informed me he’s starting a name-that-Starbuck’s contest for the Starbuck’s going up on Kitsap Way in Bremerton. I was perusing his entertaining blog, at, and see it’s already got one name, V-Bucks. Ha, ha.

“I’m not looking to promote Starbucks or the blog but rather to see if other people find the new building as unusual looking as I do,” he stated.

So go ahead and name it on Rod’s blog, and cc me here, too. I, for one, think the roof echos whatnull Walgreen’s has going on with its entrance. It seems a little jammed onto the property, though.

Mud Bay, by the way, is that aptly named shallow stretch that separates Rocky Point from Marine Drive.

— Rachel Pritchettnull

One thought on “Name that Starbuck’s

  1. I think the design is wonderful! Up until recently, I lived in one of the few Butterfly roof homes in Kitsap (Only 8 that I know of!) This design is great for collecting rainwater, which I hope Starbucks will do. V-Bucks works for me!

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