How much do you get after 35 years in public service?

By Rachel Pritchett

After 35 years in public service, how much will retiring Port of Bremerton CEO Cary Bozeman earn in pension?

Somewhere close $2,954.52 a month, according to the Washington Department of Retirement Systems, or about $35,454.24 a year.

Bozeman is a member of the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) Plan 2.

He was the top staffer at the Port of Bremerton for two and a half years, his visions sometimes frustrated by a recession-frozen budget. But he brought Kitsap leaders together to go after the Boeing 737 MAX supplier business, perhaps his biggest parting accomplishment.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bozeman continue in some sort of economic development work locally. He hasn’t said what he’ll do yet, though.

Bozeman grew up in Seattle as a foster child. He graduated from the University of Washington and served on the Bellevue City County from 1976 to 1993. He became mayor of Bellevue for six years.

Bozeman came to Bremerton in 1996 and served as mayor of Bremerton for eight years before moving on to the port.

3 thoughts on “How much do you get after 35 years in public service?

  1. This Is what Carey Bozeman said about the implemintation of the Red Light Cameras back in 2006
    “We’re always looking at ways to increase revenues without having to increase taxes,” Mayor Cary Bozeman. “If we want to increase levels of service, you’ve just got to be looking at these types of revenue generators.”

    This is further proof that the red light cameras are not about safety but are about revenue.

    I really don’t have any thing about cArey Bozeman’s retirement money. I just hope he knows that I worked very hard for every penny of it.

  2. Actually Bozeman worked very hard for every penny of it. The public hired him to do a job over the years and, for better or worse, he did it. His pension is pre-paid, i.e.: He paid 7% or so of his salary into the fund, as did his employer, as part of his salary package. In other words, he earned it. He was elected to office by the taxpayers and hired by people at the port who were elected to office by the taxpayers. None of us will pay another penny toward his retirement.

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