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Kitsap’s biggest charities …

December 7th, 2011 by Rachel Pritchett


I’m preparing a story for Sunday about charitable giving, and in the process came up with this list of the biggest Kitsap charities in terms of total assets. I won’t be able to use all of them with the package, so I’ll list them here for you. The source is the National Center for Charitable Statistics. — Rachel Pritchett

Harrison Medical Center; $265,694,851; 2009
IslandWood; $54,409,370; 2009
John Bremer & Ed Bremer Consolidated Trust; $20,036,404; 2009
Kitsap Mental Health Services; $19,011,615; 2009
Skookum Educational Programs; $16,595,131; 2009
Peninsula Community Health Services; $13,748,144; 2009
Martha & Mary Health Services: $13,707,992; 2009
Kitsap Community Resources; $11,064,695; 2009
Olympic College Foundation; $6,830,650; 2009
Paratransit Services; $6,607,170; 2009
Harrison Medical Center Foundation; $6,575,281; 2009
The Housing Resource Board: $6,416,663; 2009
Eqiscopal Retirement Communities; $5,575,954, 2009
Great Peninsula Conservancy; $5,998,289; 2009
West Sound Academy; $5,765,720; 2009
Bainbridge Community Foundation; $4,820,092; 2009
Admiral Theatre Foundation; $4,386,658; 2009
Habitat for Humanity International Inc. Kitsap County; $4,147,475; 2009
Island School Morgan Loretta, $3,731,059; 2010
Helpline House, $3,698,058; 2009
Hospice of Kitsap County; $3,689,358; 2009
Bainbridge Public Library Inc.; $3,592,662; 2009
United Way of Kitsap County; $3,513,352; 2009
Peninsula Services; $3,402,159; 2009
Martha & Mary Childrens Services; $3,263,867; 2009
Seabeck Christian Conference Center; $2,934,229; 2009
Bainbridge Island Land Trust; $2,933,799; 2009
Hyla Middle School Carroll Paul; $2,924,974; 2010
Kids Discovery Museum; $2,367,689; 2009
Center for Courage & Renewal; $2,305,019; 2009
Kitsap Community Foundation; $2,264,376; 2009
Martha & Mary Lutheran Services; $2,155,112; 2009
Communitas Group; $2,128,715; 2008

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4 Responses to “Kitsap’s biggest charities …”

  1. sharon Says:

    And the one group I consider most worthy isn’t even on the list. Probably because they use ALL of the money they collect to feed the hungry and homeless – THE SALVATION ARMY. God Bless Them and please remember them whenever you have a few dollars extra.

  2. Mick Sheldon Says:

    Hi Chris ,

    Quite an interesting article you are working on . The assets may be a bit confusing to some of us , because the charties listed here also do other things they charge for , or in the case of Harrison Hospital as example need very expensive equipment and pay out good salaries and provide better then normal benefits to attract good people in the medical field .

    Seems like it will be hard making comparisons when you put them all together . Would be interested in the things like how much of the contribution we send actually makes it to the intended use after expenses .

    We use to have this charity collecting for lost children in this state , only penneys on the dollar actually went to the cause , everything else went to overhead and salaries for the charitable organization Board members. .

  3. Colleen Smidt Says:

    @ Mick, its Rachel writting this story not Chris. Easy boo boo. I have done it more than once too;-)

  4. Mick Sheldon Says:

    whoops , sorry about that Rachel .

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