Here’s where our kids are going to college …

… Readers, I recently worked on a story or two about how Gov. Christine Gregoire and Rep. Larry Seaquist, chair of the House Higher Ed Committee, are calling for colleges to more closely train workers to fill big gaps predicted for our future workforce. Too few engineers is an example. As part of that research, I came across these numbers that show where students in Washington are getting their college education. I didn’t have an opportunity to use them, so here they are. Look at how many are in community/technical colleges. My source is the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board and Rep. Seaquist. — Rachel Pritchett, reporter, 475-3783.

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About 270,000 students currently are in community/technical colleges
About 100,000 students are in four-year state universities
Another 50,000 students in independent four-year universities, and
About 25,000 grad students in state universities.

Quick Facts about Higher Education in Washington
■ Higher education operating budget – 2009-11: $9.4 billion (16 percent of state total)
■ Near general fund-state contribution for higher education – 2009-11: $3.2 billion (10 percent of state total)
■ Tuition and fee cost at flagship university (UW), state ranking – 2009-10: 25th
■ College students receiving state, federal, or institutional need-based aid in 2009-10 at institutions participating in the State Need Grant program: 183,000
■ Percentage of high school graduates enrolled in college within one year of graduation – 2009: 64 percent
■ Full- and part-time employees, Washington public colleges and universities – fall 2009: 55,019
■ Jobs generated by academic research – 2008-09: 15,400
■ Economic activity (sales) resulting from academic research – 2008-09: $2.2 billion
■ Tax revenue generated for each $1 in state funding for UW – FY 2008-09: $1.48
Fall 2009 Student Headcounts
Public community and technical colleges 269,334
Public baccalaureate undergraduate 102,432
Public baccalaureate graduate/professional 23,565
Private baccalaureates 50,493

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