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Washington CASH event proved businesses being born, even now

October 24th, 2011 by Rachel Pritchett


Every year I look forward to cruising through the Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help annual showcase of new entrepreneurs. This year it was at the Communitas Building on Park Avenue in downtown Bremerton. The event is always a treasure trove for me to pick up new story ideas, and it was no let-down again this year. Washington CASH, as you know, helps fledgling small-business people develop an idea, get the training and start making money.

I got a kick out of the beefy security guys closely watching a suspicious character as myself pull into the parking lot Thursday night. They watched me even closer getting out of the car and going into the building. Heavy security? At a jobs event? Really?

Then upstairs I saw why. Augustine Lujan was showcasing his new rent-a-cop business, Rush Security, and (360) 286-8493, and those guys’ biggest duty was advertising for potential new clients.

There was Pamela Thomas and her business “Fleece Knees,” which makes little stretchy infant pants with sewn-in pads on the knees. Where were you Pam when my three girls were little, (360) 265-6619 and And a lady who made candy for diabetics, gosh I’ve lost her card. Call me.

Bainbridge-based Jill Paull, owner of Island Green Clean, was showcasing her organic cleaning products, (206) 842-1988 and

And Matt Murphy, publisher of the new West Sound Community Guide, and I had a stimulating discussion of grassroots journalism. You can see his site at, (360) 535-4111.

Too soon it was time to go, and again I was surrounded by the winsome group of rent-a-cops on my way to my car. But by now we were laughing and joshing. I told them I was probably OK for the last 10 feet, but they said it could get dark anytime now, and I’d be glad they were around.

Then they dropped me like a hot potato, because the mayor was arriving and she, too, was going to get some manly escorts, whether she need them or not.

Rachel Pritchett, (360) 475-3783

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One Response to “Washington CASH event proved businesses being born, even now”

  1. Stuart Walton Says:

    I loved the story and thank you very much. You are one of our heros.
    Stuart Walton

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