Kitsap gas prices high, but have been worse lately

Today’s average gas price in Kitsap County comes in at $3.82 per gallon of unleaded, according to the AAA auto club. That’s down a nickel from a month ago, but a whopping 77 cents more than this day last year. I coast a lot. — Rachel Pritchett

3 thoughts on “Kitsap gas prices high, but have been worse lately

  1. $2.97 in Council Bluffs Iowa and $3.29 in south central South Dakota this last week. Makes one love living in socialist Washington.

  2. Rachel,
    I was in Tacoma three days ago and the gas and diesel prices ranged at least .20cts below what we’re paying here on the Kitsap. Diesel at $3.83 and gas in the $2.60’s. What’s up with this?

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