Port road work will allow for eight new manufacturing pads


The third year was the charm for the Port of Bremerton, which received $1.1 million in the state-capital budget to complete a portion of Cruiser Loop Road in the northeast section of Olympic View Industrial Park.
The money also will allow for infrastructure along the half-completed road that will open up eight new pads for prospective light industrial tenants.
The project is different from the port’s uncompleted road into the South Kitsap Industrial Area, stopped because funding ran out.
The Cruiser Loop Road project could start in a year. Half has been build; another 700 feet means it’s done.
Three years ago, the port asked for a similar appropriation to build a road into its proposed SEED project, or Sustainable Energy and Economic Development project. The project died, and the port retuned its proposal for the Cruiser Loop Road and pad work. The Legislature took it out of the budget last year, but the port finally succeeded.
“You can’t give up,” said Cary Bozeman, chief executive officer.

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