Depth of support for industry clusters questionable


At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Port of Bremerton commissioners, there was a hint that there may not be much support for Bill Mahan’s idea to promote and build a marine “industry cluster” to keep tenant Safe Boats International here in Kitsap short-term and to create a bigger and more diversified workforce long-term.
Commissioner Roger Zabinski proposed the port spend neither staff time nor any money on investigating the concept and Commissioner Larry Stokes quickly seconded Zabinski.
“I don’t get it,” Mahan countered, adding the port has spent any staff time or money on the idea.
“The project involves $200,000,” Zabinski said, if a consultant were hired to help go forward with the project.
Mahan reminded Zabinski that the cost would be shared with other entities, if it even got that far.
Why do we want to preempt this project right now,” he asked Zabinski.
Stokes, apparently convinced Mahan’s argument had more merit, withdrew his second and ordered that the subject of industry clusters be discussed at an upcoming study session.

Rachel Pritchett, reporter

2 thoughts on “Depth of support for industry clusters questionable

  1. Isn’t the reason- at least one reason why Larry Stokes is on the port commission is to hold the commission accountable for their actions because lack of transparency caused a bit of flail and hard feelings a year or two back – an expensive lesson for everyone. The taxpayers and citizens felt, rightly so, duped by the port’s apparently underhand actions.

    That was then, now is now.
    Will the port offer us here an official position after their upcoming study session?
    Speaking for myself I’d like to understand their point of view and how that point of view is beneficial for our port, Kitsap County and citizens.
    Sharon O’Hara

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