Why everybody’s a real-estate broker now …

Yesterday’s real-estate agent is now a broker. And yesterday’s broker is now a managing broker. And the managing brokers have left the market. That came out of a conversation I had with Thor Holm, broker at John L. Scott of Port Orchard today.

All that upward movement is because there are so fewer professional sellers out there today. According to the Kitsap County Association of Realtors, there were 1,060 professional sellers at the height of the market. Only 601 are left.

Rachel Pritchett

One thought on “Why everybody’s a real-estate broker now …

  1. Yes and the successful Realtors will know the market inside out and backwards – properties, sellers and the most important folks – the buyers.
    They will KNOW all aspects of this current goofy market putting them into a position of using creative and enterprising ideas… those who ‘see’ beyond today’s real estate market.

    They are committed and dedicated Real Estate Professionals (REP)… not the casual real estate person who moves on when the going gets rough. The rare committed REP will succeed.

    I know of an unusual father/son team on the south side – real REP folks.

    Another person I know started her own real estate closing business a couple years ago and is successful today and growing. Why and how can she do so well in this kind of real estate market?

    She has experience, intelligence and puts her clients first. She is willing to go the extra step for her real estate client and sells herself and business through honesty, commitment and educates her clients to the latest changes in real estate laws and procedures.

    She is also willing to work 16 – 18 hour days and week-ends to get the job done. Just as the runner who broke the long standing one minute mile record – she doesn’t know she can’t succeed in today’s real estate market.

    Good subject, Rachel.
    Sharon O’Hara

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