Housing market’s like a spaceship …


Once a month the media gets updated home-sales figures from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The NMLS throws in a news release that typically spins the numbers as positive as possible.

But this month the spin was so spun it caused quite a laugh among local real-estate sellers, and me, too. Mike Grady, president of Coldwell Banker Bain, likened the Seattle market to a spaceship re-entering the atmosphere and returning to Earth …

“While it might appear to be burning out of control, the heat is actually beneficial, providing the friction necessary to slow the descent and allow a safe landing. Perhaps our broader market appears to be smoldering now, but some neighborhoods also appear to be close to recovery. With ‘Spaceship Seattle’ currently offering fewer than two single family homes for sale for every buyer currently under contract, it would be an interesting summer around the real estate launch pad.”

Ha, ha ha.


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