A press release from Safe Boats International


Below is a press release from Safe Boats International received Tuesday. Here’s a link to today’s story, too. Rachel Pritchett, reporter

SAFE Boats Signs Lease Extension
SAFE Boats International has signed two lease extensions to coordinate the timeline of their Port of Bremerton facilities

Port Orchard, WA – March 8, 2011 – SAFE Boats International (SBI) has been working closely with the Port of Bremerton, and last week SBI signed an amended lease creating conformity for our various lease expiration dates and extending the lease for two of SBI’s facilities.

The extension allows SBI and the Port of Bremerton the time to better identify our future facility needs in terms of space utilization, ergonomic layout and size requirements. As the average size and quantity of boats continue to increase, the ability to effectively move the boats around the shop has become a growing priority.

“SBI views this as a positive step in moving forward with the Port of Bremerton on our future facility needs, said SBI CEO, Scott Peterson. We have had a great relationship with the Port since we moved into their facilities in 2000 and are pleased with the current state of negotiations.”

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