If you are a nurse at Harrison Medical Center’s Women & Children’s Center …

… and you have an opinion one way or the other on most registered nurses at that facility eventually going to 12-hour shifts, please call me as I prepare a story.

Thank you.

Rachel Pritchett, reporter
(360) 475-3783

2 thoughts on “If you are a nurse at Harrison Medical Center’s Women & Children’s Center …

  1. We started with 12 hour shifts about 4 years ago at Harrison Medical Center Silverdale.The nurses really enjoy having more time with there families and it gives them more days off, and they work less weekends and have more family time. Most important is that the Patients receive better medical care and there is less room for errors when you have only 2 nurses to care for you in a 24 hour period.

    My personal experince is when my mother was at Harrion last June for 28 days and the unit that she was on the nurses worked 12 hour shifts. It was wonderful that your dayshift nurse would spend most of the day with you. The nurse on shift always knew what was going on with your pain, when was the last time you were out of bed, what you had for breakfast,lunch, and dinner. Its almost like you felt that they were your family they knew everything about your day and how it was going. 12 hour shifts are a great benefit to the patients at Harrison

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