Port of Bremerton commissioners’ retreat blogging live


I am at the Port of Bremerton commissioners’ retreat at McCormick Woods. I’ll post what’s going on here. First, ED Cary Bozeman said the budget is looking good so far, with revenues higher than expected and expenses still down. Looks like port will put aside $250,000 in reserves, a big plus as far as Commissioner Larry Stokes is concerned.

Commission President Bill Mahan said it’s going to be harder to get grants for the cross-SKIA connector road and for the udnerground parking garage in downtown Bremerton.

Commissioner Roger Zabinski says negotiations over the Bremerton MotorSports Park are “sneaky.” Temperatures rise. Mahan says they are out in the open. Zabinski questions if industrial park is best place for a motorsports park. Bozeman points out that majority on commission will win. Of the three commissioners, Stokes and Mahan appear solidly in favor of supporting the park.

Now talk about how to improve relationship with city of Port Orchard. General feeling among commissioners that they are trying harder than Port Orchard leaders. Hard feelings over proposal to put path through the Marina Park.

This is the end.

Rachel Pritchett

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