Look here for Bremerton Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Recommendations

Here’s how member of the Bremerton Lodging Tax Advisory Committee recommended grants from a hotel-room tax be apportioned in 2011.

Bremerton Historic Ships Association, $9,000
Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce, $8,000
Bremerton Symphony Association, $8,000
Port of Bremerton, 0
Admiral Theatre Foundation, $30,000
City of Bremerton, none, but would receive $10,000 should hotel room receipts rise above $80,000 in 2011.
Washington State Science and Engineering Fair, $5,000
Kitsap Peninsula V’isitor and Convention Bureau, $10,000
Kitsap Historical Society and Museum, $10,000

Also, the Kitsap Conference Center gets $155,000 off the top, and the Admiral Theatre Foundation receives $80,000.

One thought on “Look here for Bremerton Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Recommendations

  1. Recommendation from a Port of Bremerton taxpayer and voter. Amount of Port of Bremerton taxpayer funds to be spent in 2011 on supporting the following:

    Bremerton Marina, $0.00
    Parking Complex/retail Space downtown Bremerton, $0.00
    Support of new parking garage anywhere Bremerton, $0.00
    Support for condo’s and parking their ownwers $0.00

    But thats ok, when and if the Port of Bremerton ever realizes its grand plan to foster economic development and attract 1,000 jobs I am sure the City of Bremerton and all its advisory boards, committees, and groupies will want a slice of the pie. Oh, that’s right Bremerton annexed the area so it will reap the benefit. The taxpayers from the Port of Bremerton in the meantime just get nothing.

    Luckily, this is just a minor committee with little to offer many of the Port of Bremertons taxpayers and voters, but the thought does count. It is how Bremerton feels about many who have contributed, in many cases unwillingly to support the downtown concrete transit center it has become.

    Roger Gay
    South KItsap

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