Friday stocks waver after drop in consumer sentiment

Dow up 22 points so far, at 10,594.

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks wavered Friday after upbeat earnings news from major technology companies was tempered by a discouraging report on consumer sentiment.
The Dow Jones industrial average, which has been rallying throughout the month, rose about 3 points in early afternoon trading. It had been up as much as 55 points earlier.
Stocks started the day on an up note following strong earnings from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. and software company Oracle Corp. Those gains mostly evaporated in late morning trading after disappointing results came out from the University of Michigan/Reuters poll of consumers.
The S&P 500 briefly traded at its highest level in four months before slipping back into the same range it has been in since late June. Traders are keeping a close eye on the 1,131 level in the S&P, which was the highest point it reached in intraday trading on June 21. It nearly crossed that barrier in early August before going into a swoon that lasted most of last month.

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